About Cam Mould

Cam Mould was established in 2002 and is owned and managed by Donald Ballard. He received his qualification as a toolmaker in 1984. He is experienced in profile extrusion dies, plastic injection moulds, blow moulds, CNC programing and design. 

We have a fully equipped  Toolroom with CNC milling and spark eroding facilities. We manufacture moulds for all electronic housings as well as Gravity casting dies for Aluminium and all other machining.

We do routing of most Woods, Plastics and Signage materials.

We can router any sizes up to 1800mm x 2700mm. 

We have a 2.5litre two station blow moulding machine.

We are capable of all Design, Mould manufacture as well as blowing of HDPE and PP containers.

We have mostly servo driven Plastic Injection moulding machinery.

Our Tonnage ranges from 50 Ton to 250 Ton

We Design and manufacture all new Products and moulds in house.

We specialize in Technical products and materials.

We offer In-House 3D printing of small products so the client can test and visualise his product before going to manufacturing stage.

 We offer Design, Laser cutting and Engraving of most Plastics and Woods.

Meet our Team !